Minor Hill

Sam Davis Statue
Sam Davis Statue

Until the treaty of September 1816, the land around
Minor Hill belonged to the Chickasaw Indians. Some
white men did move into the area before the Indian
treaties were made only to have the soldiers come and
destroy their crops, buildings, and drive them out of
Indian territory. Some settlers would return only to
have the soldiers drive them out again.

Joseph Minor and his family lived about where Mr. and Mrs. Onis Lawrence now live, at the top of the hill. Joseph, his sons, Patrick C., James R., and Joseph R. owned about 450 acres on top of the hill. Circa 1857, the Minors sold their land to John B. William's and left the territory. As John William's sold parts of the land, it was called Minor Land, giving the area the name of Minor Hill.
          William's sold some of the Minor Land to William Riley Jones. It is believed the tract W.R. Jones gave for the school, cemetery and Baptist church is from the Minor tract.

          Sam Davis, the "Boy Hero" of the Civil War, was captured by the Union Army at Minor Hill. A small park area where the capture occurred has a marble marker recounting the event.

          Minor Hill had become a village by September 6, 1870, for the post office was established then. The first school at Minor Hill was located across the creek near a cave, down the lane from the present J&M Grocery. W.R. Jones gave the land at the present location for a school in 1897. The one-room log schoolhouse was moved from across the creek to the top of Minor Hill and made into a dwelling house. Frank Cole lived in this house, running a grist mill and black- smith shop in front of it for years. We do not know if Mr. Cole was the first to live in this house. His granddaughter Frances Booth Buchanan and her husband Pete live in it today.

          In 1900, the first gospel song book of James D. Vaughn's was published under the label JAMES D. VAUGHN, MUSIC PUBLISHER, MINOR HILL, TENNESSEE. James Vaughn, his brothers, John, Will, and Charles made up the first Vaughn Quartet. They were raised around Shores. Will Vaughn ran a store just below the Methodist Church and a drug store where Joe Townsend's store is. Will Vaughn was instrumental in getting the bridge across Richland Creek in Pulaski. This bridge has been replaced by a new one. He was also instrumental in getting the marker placed at the site of Sam Davis' capture.

          Although Minor Hill was one of the last towns established in the county, it weathered the depression and is one of the five incorporated cities with a population of 437.

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